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Are you a tax practitioner or a CPA firm? How about you focus on deep engagement with your current clients and acquire more clients. Let us handle your client’s sales tax returns. We are experience in dealing with sales tax filing for businesses in the US market. We use Tax software like UltraTax, ATX, Drake Software, IRIS, TaxWise and more. Let our team handle tax registration, tax assessment, tax preparation and filing periodic returns. the process cycle is finished.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Delaware KPO IT, LLC is a registered firm in the state of Delaware, USA. We are a small team offering bookkeeping and accounting services to CPAs, individuals and independent businesses.  For more information you can write us to our address mentioned below: 

We offer bookkeeping, accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, sales tax, VAT preparation and income tax returns preparation services to CPAs, individuals and independent businesses. We work just as if you have your own in house team working for you. You will receive detailed reporting on all finished task on daily basis. You can start sending us bookkeeping tasks initially or we can also take over all your bookkeeping, accounting, taxes, payroll and even tax preparation. You simply focus on more client acquisition. As soon as you send us the tasks, we shall start on them and finish all the assignments by the time you reach your office.

If you are a CPA firm, or a tax practitioner, we can handle bookkeeping, AR, AP, Payroll and accounting services staying under your hood. Our dedicated and experienced accounts manager will work under your instructions. He/she will report directly to you or your manager. Just like you have your own team member, our accounts manager will work directly under your instructions and work report shall be sent to you via email at the end of the day. We sign a non-disclosure agreement with all our partners so that mutual interest is well protected.

Yes. we we can. We currently offer bookkeeping and accounting services to CPAs, Enrolled agents, Tax consultants, individuals and independent businesses.

We offer our services to any business or individuals that are based in US, Canada and UK. We offer our services to CPA firms, Enrolled Agents, Accountants that are from US, UK, Canada and Australia currently. If you are a CPA firm, accountant or tax practitioner, we want to be associated on long term basis with you. Hence, if needed we do sign up a non-disclosure agreement to protect your clients data. This will protect our mutual interest and association for a long term.

Yes, very much you can. You can do video call, chat on Skype, WhatsApp or even a phone call would be ideal to discuss any urgent matter you may have to be discussed. We shall provide you our US phone line number for you.  

You can hire dedicated individual or a team. You can also hire us for task to task / project to project basis. 

Hiring basis – You can hire an individual for minimum 10 hours a week, 20 hours a week and even full time 40 hours a week. Our rate is $18/hour (USD).

Project basis – You give us the task. We review the project and give you the hours required. You agree and pay for the agreed hours / rate.  

Payment shall be made to our USA bank account on weekly basis or as per agreed terms. We can even stretch on weekends if needed to handle workloads during tax season. 

We have been using various accounting software depending on the purpose, like:

Payroll Processing Software: QuickBooks (Intuit) Payroll, PayCycle, Paychex, ADP, and Accountix

Tax Return Processing: Intuit ProSeries, Intuit Lacerte, ATX, Drake

Accounts Receivable Software: QuickBooks, CheckMark, MYOB

Bookkeeping Services Software: QuickBooks (All versions), SAGE, MYOB, Quicken, Peachtree, Master Builder, Business Works

Just in case your organization uses any other software, we have the skills and expertise to work on the software of your preference.

In order to outsource bookkeeping and accounting services, you will be requested to send your files to your dedicated account manager in any of the following ways:

Source documents using online accounting software - You scan and upload your documents to the accounting software. We will log-in using the access details / credentials provided by you, and update your books. You then log-in and view the updated books from your end. 

Source documents locally On your Computer / Laptop - You place source documents in your own computer or laptop. We log in to your system using a secured VPN, and update your books. You can then access the updated books from your own computer.

Outsourcing bookkeeping and accounting services to Delaware KPO IT, LLC offers you multiple advantages, key among those are:

Huge cost savings

You are dealing with USA registered company and paying locally to our US business bank account. 

No Infrastructural or administrative hassles and noticeable increase productivity and efficiency

Less turnaround time due to time-zone advantage

Less dependency on internal resources

We have our US business bank account. We accept payments through bank wire transfer within the USA. If you are a CPA firm from UK or Australia, we do accept payments through PayPal, or Credit Card.

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